Simple Addictive Fun

It's a clash of numbers with 2s and 3s merging to be the biggest digit in the game.

How To Play


Keep combining the same numbers into larger ones. The bigger the numbers, the higher the points you will get when they combine!


Make full use of the board so that both the 2s and 3s become the largest number possible. The game is over when your numbers reach the top of the board.


Use special powers to get out of sticky situations! But be careful, you can only use each power a limited number of times per game.


Time is always running out as the numbers are constantly dropping! Or play 2C3's "Casual" mode where you have all the time in the world.


With our global leaderboard, you can compete with players from around the world to be the top 2C3 player!

Current High Scores

Normal Mode


Casual Mode


Casual But Serious

Merge your way to higher scores by coming up with strategies to keep the 2s and 3s in balance! And remember to use your powers tactically to get out of bigger trouble!